The Pennsylvania Equine Rescue and Retirement Foundation (PERRF) is a compassionate and dignified alternative for horses in need of shelter and medical care. We believe there is an absolute value in all creatures and we endeavor to create a loving and humane environment.

Dedication to rescuing slaughter-bound, abused and neglected horses – provide rescue, rehabilitation and permanent sanctuary to equines in suffering. Advocate and educate the humane treatment of horses by offering adults and families the opportunity to develop and nurture relationships through activities with horses.

We’re fighting the good fight by helping “war horses” from crisis to care through a program designed to strengthen the bond between human and horse. Our vision is to provide a safe, therapeutic, nature-based environment for people and horses to regain trust and respect through compassion and care. Provide the opportunity to improve emotional, social and spiritual coping skills.

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Healing Invisible Wounds

Community Outreach Program
Along with providing a new home for these horses, PERRF is committed to providing educational, personal development and community outreach through an equine intervention program for our active and retired military personnel, troubled teens, and Dementia patients and their care partners. Horses are considered a valuable partner in physical and emotional healing to develop confidence. Our workshop is administered out of the saddle, and the horses are at liberty to respond as they wish. Under supervision, participants are able to safely groom, feed and walk the horses. We get more of an authentic response by giving the horse freedom. It is glorious to be on the back of a horse, but it is even more magnificent to companion-walk with them when they choose to be with you.

Through “Healing Invisible Wounds” program, participants are offered a unique, positive, and encouraging community resource in a beautifully serene getaway for quiet refreshments and retreat – an environment where friends and families come together to facilitate healing and strengthening relationships through outdoor activities in a peaceful farm setting.

Another valuable aspect to our Community Outreach program is offering emergency response teams and firefighters education on helping save horses and other large animals in catastrophic situations (septic tank falls, overturned trailers, horses cast in their stalls, and barn fires. This is a hands-on program is conducted at our farm using one of our two highly trained equines. Large animal rescue is not widely understood in emergency services, so our goal is to reach out to law enforcement, K-9 units, emergency responders, firefighters, and veterinarian students to offer this educational program and provide education that will either begin or enhance large animal rescue programs in their area.

PERRF is also a proud member of the Unwanted Horse Coalition and Equine Rescue Network (ERN). Network of equine advocates that work together to help slaughter-bound, neglected, abandoned, and lost, stolen, or missing horses in the United States. Currently, there are over 160,000 unwanted horses in the United States and in 2015 alone, over 140,000 horses were shipped to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered. Rescue facilities in the USA only have the capacity to care for roughly 33,000 horses and it costs $2,485 per year (average) to care for a horse, so PERRF and the ERN use a network of online connections and social media sites to spread the word to help save horses at risk. We provide funds to help at-risk horses.

The Pennsylvania Equine Rescue and Retirement Foundation’s Advisory Council is comprised of a diverse make-up of experts that provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. Each member brings a wealth of sound business knowledge to our foundation by utilizing a wide range of experiences to ensure that PERRF’s mission is upheld at the highest standards of excellence.


  • Kimberly Cannon, Founding Director
  • Deanna Mizikar, Fundraisers & Events
  • Kristen Tullo, HSUS, Legislation Animal Welfare
  • Joyce Steinel, CPA
  • Holly Joy Smallwood, Manager, Volunteers & Recruitment
  • Summer Mortimer, Foster Care & Re-homing (Feral Cats)
  • Marcia Vallecorsa
  • Debbie Benedict
  • Denise Doyle
  • Nancy Kraemer
  • Berny Restaino
  • Gregg Zegarelli, Esq., Technology & Entrepreneurial Ventures Law Group


HUGE SHOUT OUT to all the wonderful people who help animals everyday. We are grateful for your continued support.

  • Dr. David Steinbach, DVM
  • Dr. John  Hobbs, DVM
  • Kim Cossel Kinyo, Farrier Services
  • Beaver County Sheriff’s Dept
  • Pennsylvania State Police