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You won’t want to miss this party extravaganza! Last year’s event sold out…$30 donation reserves your seat today. 



HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone who joined us for our annual HUG a Horse Ice Cream Social. It was a beautiful fun filled day with delicious ice cream from Witch Flavor? Kristen Tullo from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was on hand answering questions about upcoming animal welfare legislation. Our good friends Shannon Rushman and Colleen Tormey made awesome t-shirts and made a bunch of money for the horses. The proceeds will go towards our winter hay bill. Lindsey Shepler took wonderful photos for us, too. Thank you to all the volunteers…Deanna, Nancy, Andrea, Pat, Rochelle, Holly, Mario, Rose, Krista, Marcie and Bobby

Special thanks to Beaver County’s Sheriff Dept -Tony Guy and Jimmy Brown and our special guest K9 Ruke.








CONGRATULATIONS to Roxanna Wilhelm! The winner of our first raffle. 

Thank you to everyone who sold and bought tickets. Let’s try it again next year.


Do you feel lucky? For a $5 donation, you could win $500 cash AND $500 worth of instant tickets (scratch offs).

Winning number based off the August 25th – Pennsylvania Evening – 3 digit number.

Proceeds will go towards the horses’ hay/feed for the upcoming winter.


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