The Pennsylvania Equine Rescue and Retirement Foundation is comprised of a diverse make-up of experts that provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. Each member brings a wealth of sound business knowledge to our foundation by utilizing a wide range of experiences to ensure that PERRF’s mission is upheld at the highest standards of excellence.


  • Kimberly Cannon, Founding Director
  • Deanna Mizikar, Fundraisers & Events
  • Kristen Tullo, HSUS, Legislation Animal Welfare
  • Joyce Steinel, CPA
  • Holly Joy Smallwood, Manager, Volunteers & Recruitment
  • Summer Mortimer, Foster Care & Re-homing (Feral Cats)
  • Heather Berry, Social Media
  • Darci Brennan, Community Volunteer
  • Marcia Vallecorsa, Community Volunteer
  • Debbie Benedict, Community Volunteer
  • Denise Doyle, Community Volunteer
  • Nancy Kraemer, Community Volunteer
  • Berny Restaino, Community Volunteer
  • Gregg Zegarelli, Esq., Technology & Entrepreneurial Ventures Law Group


HUGE SHOUT OUT to all the wonderful people who help animals everyday. We are grateful for your continued support.

  • Dr. David Steinbach, DVM
  • Kim Cossel Kinyo, Farrier Services
  • Tracey Anderson Piccolo, Founding Director, Rory Ridge Rescue
  • Dr. John Hobbs, DVM
  • Beaver County Sheriff’s Dept
  • Pennsylvania State Police
  • Raccoon Twp. Police
  • Jamie Kinnear, Purina Animal Nutrition
  • Julie Broadway, President, United Horse Coalition
  • A Home For Every Horse
  • Pennsylvania Equine Council
  • Tractor Supply
  • Agway